This campaign hikes an unpaved trail - no Independent has ever been elected to the State Senate - but I will work tirelessly to win this election, find common ground, and bridge the partisan divide in our state government.

Please join me on this journey

The Campaign

As an Independent, I won’t be beholden to party bosses or special interests -- I will be free to focus exclusively on the issues that are most important to the people in Senate District 30 and the people of Colorado.

My plan is to form a coalition of problem solvers in the state legislature, using the best ideas -- regardless of their origins -- to solve Colorado's biggest problems.

This campaign, and my work in the Colorado Senate, will set a powerful example for all people who want to repair relationships damaged by partisanship. I believe that Colorado can serve as an example for national political leaders, who need a reminder about how to solve problems for the good of our great country.

Seen and Heard


You may have seen these flyers in our community. In fact, Steve might have given you one already. If you have one, please give it to a friend to help spread the word. If you need one, please feel free to download it by clicking on the picture below.

front of flyer.jpg
back of flyer.jpg


These audio spots ran on the radio for a few weeks in April. The first one focuses on what unites us to put country above party. The second one talks about repairing our broken political system.


I really would love to raise enough money to run them again in the months leading up to the election. But radio isn't cheap. Please help my campaign get back on the air waves by making a financial contribution today.

I was also fortunate to be interviewed by Steffan Tubbs, of local 710 KNUS fame. Steffan took time to ask me questions about my campaign, my progress, and my positions. It was a lot of fun. Give it a listen.


A national organization also interviewed me about the role Independents are playing in politics in 2018. This interview was definitely in-depth, running over half an hour.


Print Media

I am honored that my campaign has received so much positive media attention in the past few months. Colorado's political community is waking up to the idea that an Independent has a real shot at winning in 2018.


Could One Independent Become the Most Influential Politician in Colorado? by Shawn M. Griffiths


Unite Colorado Candidates Outraise All Opponents by Unite Colorado


Independents flex their money muscles in Colorado politics by 9News


Colorado Needs Thoughtful Politicians Not Bound to Parties by Tanith Lee


Democrat? Republican? These none-of-the-above candidates want to break Colorado’s political gridlock by




The Alternatives

State Senate District 30 leans right. In fact, it leans so far right that Republicans have never bothered to represent the entire district, let alone listen to the concerns of moderate Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Instead, the Republican party runs radical candidates to appeal to a handful of party activists. Meanwhile, the Democratic party runs candidates who have no chance of winning and gives them no financial support.

The partisan status quo is not working for our community because it leaves decisions about who will represent us to a tiny fraction of the most radical elements of just one party. This system promotes politicians who are not responsive to the needs of State Senate District 30.

But with a serious, organized, well-funded Independent in the race, voters in State Senate District 30 now have a real choice between business as usual, which is broken government, and me, an Independent with a new idea about how politics can work and a solid plan about how to make it happen. Be bold in your political decisions. Be confident that your vote matters. Send a message that you demand more from your government.