Politics often feels like a depressing choice between the lesser of two evils

This year, you have an alternative


The Alternatives

State senate district 30 leans right. Actually it leans so far right that the Republicans don't have to compete for your vote so they run radical candidates who appeal to a handful of party activists. Meanwhile the Democrats know they have no chance of winning, so they run weak candidates that they are not even willing to support. The net result of this extreme partisanship is a system that not only produces disfunction, it feeds of disfunction.

The partisan status quo is not working for our community because it leaves the decision about who will represent us to a tiny fraction of the most radically elements of just one party. It may seem like you have a choice between me (and Independent), a Democrat (see below), and a Republican (see below) -- but in fact, either partisan choice will result in a continuation of the dysfunctional status quo.

But with a serious, organized, well-funded Independent in the race, voters in State Senate District 30 have a real choice between business as usual, which is broken government, and me, an Independent with a new idea about how politics can work and a solid plan about how to make it happen. Be bold in your political decisions. Be confident that your vote matters. Send a message that you think we deserve more from our government. And do the right thing by voting for an Independent.


This is my Democrat opponent. I believe she cares about our community. But she has, in my view, some radically progressive views that are not in line with our district. I am confident that she has no chance of winning. She has raised almost no money and she does not enjoy the full throated support of many Democrats. Our district is just not winnable for a Democrat.



If you want to defeat the Republican, don't vote for someone who cannot win, vote for me instead.


Even though my Republican opponent has served in the State House and Senate, he has never faced real competition because he comes from 'safe' Republican territory. Also, as the majority leader his job is to punish Republicans who stray from the party line in any way.



His views are too extreme for our state and are not representative of the majority of people in our district. This guy probably got into politics for noble reasons, but now he has become part of the problem.




Republicans generally believe that competition leads to better outcomes, so cast a vote that will force the GOP to listen to more than just the radical activists that control party politics today.