Colorado is a breathtaking place with amazing people. But our political system is working against us

Together, we can change course


My top legislative priorities are ROADS, TEACHER PAY, and FAIR DISTRICTS. But I will approach these priorities in the larger context of what I view as my most important responsibility: to be a faithful steward of Colorado's financial resources. After all, the money that funds everything the state does comes from the people. As a true leader, a leader who is above all committed to fiscal discipline, I promise to scrutinize every major expenditure of the state. I will do for Colorado what I have done for many companies in my professional life: I will find ways to get better results with smaller investments.

I am a firm believer in limited but effective government. While some partisans seek to starve our government out of existence, and others want to dramatically increase the scope and scale of what government does, neither of these extreme positions is a useful or productive way to approach governance. Public servants need to do more than just cut money from our budget or beg the people for more money to spend; they need to allocate wisely and to oversee the money that has been entrusted to them by the people. My mission is to make our government more effective, more efficient, and more sane. This starts and ends with sensible budgeting, clear priorities, and honest communication.

Prioritization is about making tough decisions and living with the consequences. With a bipartisan coalition, I will lead the charge to set sensible priorities. I will see that we not only live within our means but we also get the biggest bang for our collective bucks. And I will be honest with Coloradans whose interests may not be fully met in any given year. This type of honest prioritization is what Colorado needs today. It is also the only way I do business.


This last category of issues fall into what I think of as my plan to 'make politics boring again.' These issues are mostly the nuts and bolts of government, the policy. These issues demand efficiency and effectiveness; they require creativity and perseverance, not drama and definitely not blaming. These are not my top priorities and will all be subject to a difficult but open minded budget review if I am elected. That said, these are things that government should do well, so I have articulated my views on several of these key issues. Please click the button below to learn more.