Steve Peterson: Ideas, not ideology.

I am running for the Colorado State Senate as an INDEPENDENT to:

  • Fix Colorado's broken system of government

  • Roll back partisanship in the Colorado State Senate

  • Seek common ground between Republicans and Democrats

  • Get things done for the people, not the political parties

  • Set an example the rest of our country can follow



SD 30 Map.png

The Campaign

What would our political system look like if the two-party duopoly faced real competition? My campaign challenges the two parties to do better, to be responsive to the needs of all Coloradans, by offering a compelling alternative in the marketplace for ideas. Parties have been calling the shots for their own purposes for too long. It's time we remind politicians that it is our government they are running. This campaign is about finding a better way forward for Colorado.


Your Role

This campaign is not about making a statement, it is about making a real change. To win we need all the help we can get. If you believe in our cause, help us get the word out and volunteer. Finally, money matters in elections, so please consider making a financial contribution to increase our odds of success.


The Candidate

I grew up on the Front Range, and I am proud to call Senate District 30 home. Coloradans have a lot to be proud of – not just our beautiful parks, rivers, and mountains, but also our forward-looking, Independent spirit. Like many of you, I am tired of partisanship. It is time to put that spirit to work again for the people of Colorado.



My Priorities

There are a few things we all agree are fundamental functions of government. My top priorities focus on the things our government must get right in order to win back the trust of Coloradans: roads, teacher pay, and fair elections. The other issues, which get the most attention in politics, are largely symbolic, and are a lower priority on my agenda.